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Our Story
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Since its inception early 2009, SwissAlive is a Research Lab working on all aspects of the future of the electronic commerce and marketing.
In the early days of Google Street View, the very original vision of SwissAlive was to create a new shopping experience to the users by browsing shops using 360° panoramic imagery.
While SwissAlive was elaborating its collaborative methods of development with the recruitment of engineers all over the world, "PanoShop" was born.
The Rich Internet Authoring tool (RIA) allows you to edit online panoramic photography (interactive images, sound and videos) as well as a full featured eCommerce back-office dashboard.
With the help of a tribe of talented panographers, SwissAlive started rapidly to upload geo-localized 360° shops, bars and streets (prior to the launch of Google Street View in Switzerland).
More than 20'000+ panoramas were uploaded on the platform since 2009, including outdoor shoots in all major cities of Switzerland.
In the meantime, logically as an idea Lab, we started our 3D shop authoring tool as well.
Private beta testing started in early 2010 and founders went for a journey in the world (US, Japan, Korea,...) for "testing" the idea on a global scale. For international deployment, we acquired domain name.
The successful of early SaaS products would match with our model so we launched the ShopAlive Cloud Project.
While working on Payment gateways, inventory management with barcode scan, logistics, etc naturally, the mobile app was developed and appeared to be one of the first viable multi-language mCommerce solution with geo-fenced notifications of promotions and deals.
Indeed, Prior to a quick launch attempt in Mexico City (in Sept 2011), A complete deal platform was born and fully integrated in our eCommerce workflow.
At that time, we created our facebook App to create the omni-channel concept (e-m-s-Commerce). One more time, this "social" feature added great value to the original vision.
After more than 100'000 hours of engineering and design, SwissAlive went in stealth mode keeping only the core (and the heart) of the community Alive. During that period, the team turned the ambitious lab projects into a "too small to fail" company and elaborated new strategy for 2013.
By September 2012, SwissAlive was ready for its "White Label Project" with its first client as Market Place in Switzerland : The Comptoir Suisse app was released and downloaded 4'000+ by visitors of one of the biggest trade show in French-speaking Switzerland.
This new and decisive feature of Market Place opens the doors to a complete new way of handling a Community of vendors under one umbrella.
Global Brands, associations of merchants, trade shows, shopping malls, ... can now operate in a complete new way using the genius of each community members and their customers.
With an upgraded member of the Board and additional executive genius, SwissAlive is set to develop dedicated proven technologies for its clients in Switzerland with the creation of an office in Fribourg led by our new managing partner Jonathan Queloz.
ShopAlive Licensing is ready to license the platform for global brands as well for small scaled community market places around the world.