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Interactive imaging

Offer your visitors a new browsing experience with a combination of startling panoramic/3D images, rich multimedia product information and fast product search and browsing. They can be easily integrated into your existing website and Facebook page (in full screen), and made accessible through smartphones or tablets.


Great Outdoor Store
Panoramic Shop

Great Outdoor Store
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Get access to the only e-commerce back-office platform that integrates, in a single interface, everything a merchant needs to setup a multichannel online store:

  • Publish your product catalogue on web, mobile and Facebook from one and single platform
  • Manage your promotions in one click
  • Boost your sales with an integrated complete "deals" platform
  • Manage your physical and online inventory in real time (able to manage multiple stores)
  • Ship easily with the integrated logistics services (Switzerland)
  • Invoice your clients with ease
  • Have a full customer historic
  • Edit your panoramic/3D store

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SwissAlive offers turnkey platform to attract new customers and build customer loyalty by publishing promotions, deals or any other type of information on Web, mobile and social network. Deals and couponing market is booming but small and medium sized company don't have time, resources or expertise to develope internally appropriate solutions. SwissAlive understands this need and provides turnkey platforms, fully customizable for the web, mobile and social networks. It is no longer enough to be present only on the Web. Mobile and social networks have become essential channels in setting up a successful digital marketing strategy. Aware of this fact, SwissAlive offers solutions to manage these different channels from a single and easy to use platform.
Intuitive and turnkey, our platform is providing a real holistic approach of online, mobile and social marketing and commerce. Our approach is explicitly versatile and omni-channel to ensure a real impact of implemented marketing campaigns. This is also how we can improve the acquisition of new customers and long-term loyalty.
Pursuing this goal, our technology offers the following e-marketing solutions:

  • Complete couponing solution with secure barcode
  • Turnkey platform for deals publication
  • Automated Emailing
  • Geo-fenced Push notification
  • Facebook content sharing
  • And more...

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In-store Power Seller

Nowadays, the real challenge is to keep instant track of sales occurring in shop or online.
SwissAlive provides to merchants of any size:

  • mobile ERP and reconcile sales and stock both digital and physical
  • Physical and mobile coupon secure redeem using our mobile app
  • Interoperability with 3rd party solutions

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Global brands, sales network
Are you a global brand and have several points of sales?
Are you a franchise and want to improve the relationship with your franchisees?
Are you a wholesaler and have several retailers?
We offer a unique platform for managing multiple points of sales inventory, your marketing campaigns (promotions, deals) and customer relationships.
Our platform allows you to communicate effectively locally, allowing each retailer to decide its own marketing activities, while maintaining a global overview since all actions are coordinated from the top. So you can choose the level of (de)centralization you want to give to each of your resellers.
Other advantages of our solution:

  • Establish an effective intranet connection between your brand and sales network, including dissemination of training videos or information on products
  • Create direct link with consumers (partners' clients) to perform personalized and geo-localized campaigns with a quantifiable return in real time
  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty with partners
You are already using an ERP, CRM or any other professional software. No problem, our solutions are interoperable with major systems of the industry.

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Real Estate

If you are real estate agent or a promoter, don't look any further, SwissAlive provides the most advanced techonlogies for adding value to your properties and real estate projects.

Previzualisation of an apparment in 3D (source 3DSMax)
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Our white label turnkey solution called "ShowAlive" is specifically designed for trade shows, fairs and major events. It aims to improve the visitor experience, provide greater visibility for exhibitors and generate additional revenue for the organizer of the event.
The ambition of "ShowAlive" is to make your event alive on new media - web, mobile and social networks - during the event but also throughout the year.
Taking advantage of the reputation of your event and the audience it attracts, the goal is to create a true community market place where all actors can learn and interact with each other.
SwissAlive provides :

  • Custom Mobile apps (with push notifications for events and promotions)
  • Ticketing service with secure redeem
  • Dynamic management of participants integrated in iframe of event
  • Dynamic floor plan
  • Unlimited keywords and media for each participant
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Shoppings Malls

"MarketAlive" is couponing solution, 100% customizable, specially designed for owners and managers of shopping mall.
With the explosion in the use of smartphones, paperless coupons become widespread. It then becomes important to follow this trend and offer adapted tools and services to your tenants and all your visitors.
"MarketAlive" is the right solution for:

  • Increase point of sale trafic
  • Attract new customers and increase loyalty to existing ones
  • Provide greater visibility and marketing tool for all merchants of the shopping mall
Our solution includes an application for Smartphone (iPhone and Android), an iframe on your website and a Facebook application. These interfaces allow visitors to always have access to promotions, coupons, special offers issued by merchants. A back-office platform is also provided, allowing to manage and publish promotions quickly and easily.

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